Care Giver To-Do List at Doctor Appointments

Whether you care for yourself or have a loved one acting as the primary care giver, it is important to follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your Doctor's appointments. Being proactive with your health is critical.

  1. Make a list of your questions & concerns, and prioritize them. Be efficient with your time and jump directly into your questions.
  2. Be organized and take information with you. If you work with a Geriatric Care Manager, they will know every piece of information that is critical, but if you are on your own bring EVERYTHING. A list of everything you take, all your prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbal remedies or supplements, names and phone numbers of other doctors you see, and your medical records(if the Doctor doesn’t have them)
  3. Recommend bringing a family member or friend.  Having an additional advocate and loved one with you can be extremely beneficial (and avoid anything slipping through the cracks).
  4. Update your doctor. When you schedule your appointment with your Doctor, discuss everything that has happened or changed since your last visit. Any significant changes to your health, mention these right away (emergency room visits, surgeries, etc). Also be sure to mention any changes appetite, weight, sleep or energy level. And lastly, discuss any changes in any medications you take or the effects they have had on you.