Why Check Ups Matter

Generally, people try to avoid going to the doctor as often as possible. No one can say they have fun or enjoy check ups. The whole process can discourage individuals. First you go to his/her office and you have to sit there - for who knows how long - reading years-old magazines or scrolling through old emails on your phone. Finally once the Doctor is ready to see you, you are led to another room and made to wait. Again. This does not even include the actual check-up! It is no wonder people don’t like going!

But you know what would be worse? Finding out that you have a condition that could have been prevented had you been seeing your doctor regularly.

So even though it can be an inconvenience, it is important to have regular checkups with your doctor. Here’s why:

1) Never under estimate the power of prevention. Preventing a health issue is always better than having to find a treatment or cure for one.

2) Regular Doctor visits is your first line of defense to prevent health issues. When you see your doctor there are a variety of screenings they can perform 

3) Constant dialogue with your doctor is critical. This allows them to know what your typical numbers are (blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and any other testing they might do for you). Having a baseline of information as you go for a checkup year in and year out, your doctor can see your history and will easily be able to determine even the slightest changes.

4) Lastly, there are also the health costs to consider around yearly physicals. This argument is not helpful. Imagine what you will need to be spending if you have something major – medically speaking – go wrong.  The costs to deal with a health issue, the days - weeks off from work, or the terrible feelings, will far outweigh the small price for regular checkups with your doctor. 

No matter how you choose to look at regular or yearly checkups, they can make a positive difference in your future health and well-being.