Latest Technologies to Reduce Hospital Re-Admissions!

Doctors and medical professional are constantly trying to stop hospital re-admissions and cut costs. But they continue to leave out that patients also prefer to have better care and faster recoveries. Reducing pain and going back to the Hospital should be avoided at all costs. Focusing on helping the patients and encouraging them to use a variety of platforms/solutions can hopefully help improve their recovery or care.

Makers of mobile apps continue to build platforms to gather data and improve care broadly. They claim that they can boost patient engagement and help hold down healthcare costs. Below see a few of our recommended Apps:

  • Propeller Health’s sensor and mobile app allows patients with COPD and asthma to track inhaler utilization by transmitting data to physicians about when and where the medication is used in an effort to help prevent an attack or exacerbation.
  • SeamlessMD’s mobile app system asks the patient to enter information about temperature or pain level to gauge warning signs of surgical complications. It also allows patients to submit photos of surgical wounds to share with a doctor.
  • The Vocera Care Experience is a system that allows nurses and caregivers to record audio and video discharge instructions for patients, who can access discharge information anytime using a phone, mobile device or computer.
  • Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD is a biosensor that captures biometric data and can detect falls and allows providers to track a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and other data points. Patients can wear it for post-operative recovery care.