This Fall - Innovations in Home Health

Companies are constantly trying to connect patients with care providers in a cost effective way. Pairing Nurses, Social works and Doctors with their patients remotely is the next trend.

While ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have certainly become common across the in-home care industry, the next trend is becoming "the on-demand" in-home care services. Giving power to care providers to control their schedules.

There are two exciting apps we found that can improve Home Health Care. First, applications such as Axxess or Optimal Care Coordinators pair nurses and social workers in the field with local needs. Nurses are able to identify clients that meet their schedule and ensure they are qualified to handle the patients needs. Secondly, telehealth services are becoming a great focus in the industry. Using digital health tools and telehealth platforms to better care for patients after they leave the hospital is critical. Technologies enable organizations to proactively monitor home care patients and provide in-the moment interventions that can make the difference between patients staying at home or being transferred to the hospital.

These technologies can not only help patients receive improved care, but also reduce the cost of health care to the system. Hopefully the industry will continue moving in this direction to improve care.