3 Easy Summer Activities for Seniors

It is important to stay active, but depending on where you live, it can be challenging in winter months. When summer arrives make the most of outdoor activities. Here are three easy ways to stay active and have fun!

1) Go for a walk or run outside! Whether it is just a walk around the block or walking to the park or beach, a little bit of fresh air and vitamin D is great. Make sure to wear sunscreen, and ensure you’re able to easily access cool shade by wearing a hat, bringing an umbrella, or sitting beside a tree. The benefits of walking outside are significant (not just from the physical workout). Seniors who lack vitamin D are at greater risk of fractures.

2) If you have access to an outdoor (or even indoor) body of water, summer is a great time to hop in! Because of the buoyancy, swimming is much easier on the joints than many other forms of exercise. This form of excursion is not only great for your muscles but swimming can be a great way to relax the mind as well.

3) Unique summer activity is Berry picking. If you live in the city you might needs to drive for a while, but picking berries can be a fun outdoor activity (with plenty of water and sunscreen). These activities give people more to talk about with friends and family. Also can lead to more activities such as baking a pie later, or hosting friends. Many times seniors can get into a "rut" since their daily activities become boring. Pushing your body physically, mentally and socially is important to a healthy lifestyle.