Spring is Here! - Senior Activities

Spring has finally arrived.

Elder Care Homecare recommends 3 easy activities to get you or your family members up and out of the house. Seniors should stay active. Especially if they have home care, their aides or caregivers should encourage seniors to get up and out of the house.

These activities can have a significant effect physically and emotionally.

1) Look up the Senior Centers in your community. Many hold picnics, outdoor events, outdoor book clubs, festivals and fairs. Some even include yoga, tai chi and other activities that are great for physical exercise flexibility and mental health.

2) Decorate your home with Easter or Passover themes. This can be a great family activity as well as a way to brighten your home with spring colors. Holidays are a great excuse to become festive.

3) Create an indoor or outdoor garden. Sometimes seniors are trouble growing difficult plants and physically can not stay too active. Plants like basil and mint are easy to maintain and can spread amazing scents in your home.

Home care begins with staying proactive. Do not wait until there is an incident and you need to begin physical therapy or occupational therapy to improve your habits.