Caregiving can take a toll on the family both mentally and physically.


At Elder Care we understand how important it is to give the family the support they need.


We pride ourselves in our unique approach to help families find the highest quality of care for their loved ones. 

Elder Care's approach focuses on assisting families with every aspect of care. Additionally we ensure that our specialists consistently assess the health and care of each patient on a weekly basis.

Additionally, our Home Care Agency places highly qualified Aides in the patients homes. Not only do our Aides go through a rigorous on-boarding process, but they are also trained and overseen by our Geriatric Care Managers. Our organization is unique in that our Geriatric Care Managers oversee each Home Care patient weekly. This ensures that our specialist can maintain consistent oversight to ensure the quality of care we all expect for our loved ones.

Our Geriatric Care Managers are specialists that evaluate and assess each patient to create a customized care plan. Depending on the needs of each family and patient, our Care Managers coordinate all aspects of care for our patients and families (see Care Management).

Home care is designed to enable aging parents to remain in the comfort of their home. Declining health often calls for additional help with the activities of daily living. Hiring in-home caregivers is the most practical option to respect and help our aging parents.  

Finding a caregiver and overseeing the entire care of a loved one is extremely burdensome for families. Elder Care will help deliver the highest level of care that your family deserves. We provide the access and support that families struggle to find.


Why Choose Us

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“Elder Care went above and beyond helping my family when my father was being discharged from the hospital. Not only did they help with preparing my father's home; they placed Yolanda with our father who was an angel. I can't imagine going through this without them” — Sara J.