As we get older, it is common to spend more time alone. This can result in relying on ourselves for more tasks. But this can result in isolation. Our self-sufficient parents may struggle with relying on family, nurses or caregivers, but also may lead to them feeling like a burden on those they love.

This combination can result in isolation, which has various dangers associated with it:

  • Risk of injury: A trip or fall is always a risk and spending more time alone and refusing help only increases the likelihood.
  • Risk of depression: Many senior citizens are at risk of suffering from depression, especially if they isolate themselves.

Preventative steps can be taken:

Provide transportation:Senior citizens need a method of transportation to get to the store, to visit a friend, or to simply go for a walk outside. Providing any type of assistance can make a huge difference.

Visit often: Family is extremely important. Visiting a loved one, especially a senior citizen that lives in some kind of care facility reminds them of those who care. Even if they are short visits. Feeling love and appreciation can make the world of difference, so never underestimate a quick visit to a loved one.

Encourage visits to worship: For many seniors, religion has been an integral part of life. Encourage time or assist in planning religious excursions.