When to Seek Help!

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Confusion, depression, apathy and forgetfulness?
       Has their personality changed? Have they stopped participating in their favorite activities?

Dehydration, poor nutrition?
      This can be especially dangerous if they are not eating properly.

Lack of personal hygiene, incontinence?
      Has he or she stopped bathing and/or have an odor indicating loss of bladder control?

Evidence of unsafe driving?
      Being able to drive is a privilege but if the person is putting themselves or others in danger, it can lead to a terrible accident.

Wandering and falling?
     Is the person unsteady on his/her feet? Do you worry that they might fall and hurt themselves when they are alone?

Not taking medications?
     Are they forgetting or worse yet, not caring anymore?

    Do they look confused or say or do things that don’t make any sense?


      If you know someone that exhibits these signs, it may be time to consider in home care or assistance.


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